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1. Name a Persona whose realm you would never want to visit.

Mira. I think the reason why is pretty obvious.

2. Name a team you think would have an interesting cabin layout.

Does our own cabin not count? If not, then Sapphire! Definitely.

3. Name a knight you would most want to ask for a quest.

Only one? Lloyd's a pretty consistent quest-giver, so I'll go with him.

4. Name an object you would hate to get as a memory form.


5. Name an invention you think Professor Endboss should work on next.

Looking for ideas, Professor? How about a robot that can vacuum up the darkness like it's dust?

6. Name a Persona you would like to take out on a date.

. . . Firebird.

7. Name a team you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

Sapphire, because they'd probably have some kinda prank up their sleeve if I did.

8. Name a knight you think would have the most team favors.

Lloyd? Or Mithos. They seem pretty popular.

9. Name something you would most like to unlock in Camelot after a game.

Some more fruit would probably be a good idea.

10. Name a Persona most likely to be kidnapped by Professor Endboss.

. . . The Duckling.

11. Name a team you'd like to invite to dinner.

All of 'em!

12. Name a knight you'd most want to visit the home world of.

Tiger's sounds pretty cool. I'd wanna see how that whole HeroTV thing works.

13. Name something you would most like to take with you if you were Booked.

Tch, as if I'd ever wind up in the book. I'd take my headband so Dragonfly couldn't burn it while I was gone.

14. Name a color that would look better on you than your team's.

White, of course ♥

15. Name Professor Endboss's most charming trait.

Er. . . his impressive imagination?

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