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1. Name a Persona whose realm you would never want to visit.
Pandora ♥ I don't think we'd really agree with each other on where hope comes from in the midst of suffering.

2. Name a team you think would have an interesting cabin layout.
We do~. Heliodor probably does too.

3. Name a knight you would most want to ask for a quest.
Oh, Bear, definitely.

4. Name an object you would hate to get as a memory form.
A whip.

5. Name an invention you think Professor Endboss should work on next.
Food synthesizer.

6. Name a Persona you would like to take out on a date.
Excuse me, but I'm seeing someone. Oh well, hm. Maleficent's cute.

7. Name a team you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

8. Name a knight you think would have the most team favors.
I wouldn't know the knights well enough to say. Perhaps Lloyd.

9. Name something you would most like to unlock in Camelot after a game.
Art supplies I don't have to work for.

10. Name a Persona most likely to be kidnapped by Professor Endboss.
Beauty. You could tie her to the tracks and twirl your moustache while she sobbed? It seems like that kind of setup.

11. Name a team you'd like to invite to dinner.
Citrine. ♥ A nice team-date.

12. Name a knight you'd most want to visit the home world of.
I don't know any well enough to say.

13. Name something you would most like to take with you if you were Booked.
I don't have anything I'd want to take with me.

14. Name a color that would look better on you than your team's.

15. Name Professor Endboss's most charming trait.
His insistence that he has charming traits. I suppose you'd call that self-confidence.

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