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Character: David Styles

1. Name a Persona whose realm you would never want to visit.

2. Name a team you think would have an interesting cabin layout.
Whatever one has to say about Heliodor's choices, there's no question that our cabin layout is "interesting."

3. Name a knight you would most want to ask for a quest.
Lancelot has been most obliging.

4. Name an object you would hate to get as a memory form.
Matchstick. Burn the back of your hand to retrieve a memory.

5. Name an invention you think Professor Endboss should work on next.
An fMRI brain scanner, particularly if I'm allowed to use it as well. I recall having one of those in my laboratory at home, though I remain hazy on the details.

6. Name a Persona you would like to take out on a date.
I'm spoken for. But if I absolutely had to choose one? Hmm. I suppose it would be Echidna. She's quite charming.

7. Name a team you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.
I wouldn't fear any of them, exactly, if only because I don't truly believe any would seek to do me harm. But Kunzite just might be unpredictable enough...

8. Name a knight you think would have the most team favors.
Surely Lloyd must have accumulated a number of friends by now.

9. Name something you would most like to unlock in Camelot after a game.
A laboratory, fully equipped with microscope and analytical tools.

10. Name a Persona most likely to be kidnapped by Professor Endboss.
I don't know him well, but from what I've heard, I should say Dog. Dog would cooperate, most likely, but the disappearance would motivate the heroes to fight their hardest.

11. Name a team you'd like to invite to dinner.
A difficult choice. Turquoise, I think. Heliodor has several close friends on that team, and Echo can cook.

12. Name a knight you'd most want to visit the home world of.
I only met the Great Bear Hunter briefly, but he seemed quite colorful. Any world he came from would surely be worth visiting.

13. Name something you would most like to take with you if you were Booked.
A photograph of my wife.

14. Name a color that would look better on you than your team's.
ANY COLOR. Black. Silver. Gray. White.

15. Name Professor Endboss's most charming trait.
He is a scientist and inventor, and this intrigues me. Though I'm not certain most would call that charming, exactly... perhaps his sense of fair play.

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