Sep. 23rd, 2013

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Please fill out this survey for your hero characters only! It mostly is as simple as just ICly answering the questions below, but here's some additional information if you need or want it:
  • Please don't discuss your answers before the game. They don't need to be super top secret, but the less discussion happens, the better.
  • Answers are going to be pared down to their basics, so don't go into detail/reasoning unless you want to for fun. A few words should suffice.
  • You can skip questions if you need or want to and still fill in the rest of the survey. I encourage you to do so even if you only answer one! (But please answer as many as possible.)
  • These answers are meant to be honest and IC. Your character cannot lie or put something ridiculous down as a joke while answering this survey. They were COMPELLED TO TELL THE TRUTH! Endboss magic. However, their reasoning can be as unique as they are.
  • This survey did in fact happen ICly; heroes will remember having taken the poll right before the game.
  • Your character's answer will never be revealed.
  • There is a possibility not all of the questions will be used.

1. Name a Persona whose realm you would never want to visit.
2. Name a team you think would have an interesting cabin layout.
3. Name a knight you would most want to ask for a quest.
4. Name an object you would hate to get as a memory form.
5. Name an invention you think Professor Endboss should work on next.
6. Name a Persona you would like to take out on a date.
7. Name a team you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.
8. Name a knight you think would have the most team favors.
9. Name something you would most like to unlock in Camelot after a game.
10. Name a Persona most likely to be kidnapped by Professor Endboss.
11. Name a team you'd like to invite to dinner.
12. Name a knight you'd most want to visit the home world of.
13. Name something you would most like to take with you if you were Booked.
14. Name a color that would look better on you than your team's.
15. Name Professor Endboss's most charming trait.


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